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Canna Lily

Canna hybrid 'Cannova Mango'



  • Adds a tropical touch to landscapes and containers
  • Upright, vigorous habit
  • Continuous blooming

Kaw Valley Favorite

These are our very favorite plants! Our staff members are avid plant lovers and these are the best of the best in our own landscaping.

Many of our favorites are new & different. All are excellent performers, easy to grow, and well suited to our area. You won't be disappointed!


While remaining compact, Canna 'Cannova Mango' is an exceptional new hybrid boasting large soft salmon blossoms and lush tropical foliage. Cannas can be planted in full sun or part shade and are ideal for gardens, landscapes, or as a "thriller" in large mixed containers. Flowers all season long. Deadheading not necessary. Performs best in moist, fertile soil.

Growing Tips

Dig tubers in the fall after the first frost or when foliage turns brown. Remove most but not all of the soil, lay on newspaper to dry for a day (out of the sun) then pack in peat moss or sand (don't allow tubers to touch each other). Store in a dry dark place around 50 degrees. If storage area has very dry air, wrap with a plastic bag with holes for breathing. Plant the following spring when danger of frost is past.

Similar Color Plants


Likes Similar Sun/Shade

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Bulb / Root

Tropical (Annual)


Full Sun to Part Shade

Bloom Color:

Salmon / Coral

Foliage Color:


Hardiness Zone:

Not hardy


30-42 inches


18-24 inches


Vigorous Growth

Truly Heat Tolerant

Deer Resistant

Attracts Wildlife:

Attracts Hummingbirds

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