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Why our Plants are Better


1Trial Tested

Plants must thrive in our trial gardens for 2 years prior to making it to our Garden Centers.

2Natural Soil

Helps our plants look better, last longer, and reduces transplant shock.

3Real Acclimation

Local selections bred and acclimated for your garden. Frost, heat, drought and wind tested.

4Locally Selected Varieties

We use industry and university research as well as our own trial gardens to make sure plants perform in the challenging conditions this area poses. That's one big difference between KVG and others: If you see a plant in our store, you can be sure it is well suited to the area.

5Neonicotinoid Free

We do not use neonicotinoid pesticides that may be harmful to bees, birds, and animals. We’re doing our part to protect pollinators.

Perfect Soil for the Perfect Plants

Years ago, we searched for soil and fertilizers that match the quality of our plants and were disappointed. So we made our own!

KVG Potting Soil

The main difference between Kaw Valley Greenhouses’ soil and the national brands is the quality of the peat moss. We use high quality, extremely long-fibered northern Canadian sphagnum peat. National brands use short fiber peat from Georgia or Florida.

The long fibers make a big difference in nutrient and water holding capacity, as well as durability. It remains a high quality soil years longer than other brands. Just stick your hand in a bag and feel for yourself!

Our soil also contains Kaw Valley Brand controlled-release "The Good Stuff" Fertilizer, the best on the market. When you try it, you will never use anything else. Also, it smells awesome!

Kaw Valley brand potting soil uses the best quality peat moss on the market

KVG "The Good Stuff™" Fertilizer

For today's modern plants that develop quickly and grow vigorously, we recommend using both continuous release fertilizers in the soil upon planting, then use liquid feed at two-week intervals.

New studies by major horticultural universities have dispelled misconceptions about bedding plant & vegetable fertilizers. These studies have found that too much phosphorous is typical in common fertilizers and plants actually require much less than the norm.

Excessive phosphorous is not only harmful to the environment as it will eventually leach into the groundwater, but it is also harmful to the plant as it can build up in the soil to the point of toxicity.

KVG "The Good Stuff™" Fertilizers are perfectly formulated for beautiful flowers and heavy producing vegetable plants, with just the right amount of phosphorous to be eco-friendly and keep your plants happy. When you try it, you will never use anything else.

"Good Stuff™" is perfectly formulated for beautiful flowers and heavy producing vegetable plants


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