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Why our Plants are Better


1Trial Tested

Plants must thrive in our trial gardens for 2 years prior to making it to our Garden Centers.

2Natural Soil

Helps our plants look better, last longer, and reduces transplant shock.

3Real Acclimation

Local selections bred and acclimated for your garden. Frost, heat, drought and wind tested.

4Locally Selected Varieties

We use industry and university research as well as our own trial gardens to make sure plants perform in the challenging conditions this area poses. That's one big difference between KVG and others: If you see a plant in our store, you can be sure it is well suited to the area.

5Neonicotinoid Free

We do not use neonicotinoid pesticides that may be harmful to bees, birds, and animals. We’re doing our part to protect pollinators.

We Are Always Looking For New Locations!

Kaw Valley Greenhouses, Inc. is a hard working and professional family business. We grow and sell the highest quality garden and bedding plants and flowering containers available anywhere. Our home base is in Manhattan, Kansas.

What We Do

Kaw Valley creates spring-only Garden Centers in cities and towns across Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. Each location operates as a separate business. We hire our own managers and staff, pay sales tax, and arrange for all necessary permits and insurance.

Our stores open around the first of April and run through late June. In addition to our own wonderful bedding and garden plants, we add high quality branded flowering nursery stock, tropical plants, upscale outdoor ceramic pottery, and lots of fun!

What We Need

Space. About 20,000 sq. ft.
Street traffic.
Windshield visibility.
Water and electricity.

What We Offer

Cash lease for April, May and June.
Insurance. We insure against any liability on the leased property, listing the owner as an 'additional insured.'
Traffic. Our stores generate very heavy customer counts during the spring.
Beauty. We understand that in order to capture the market, every corner of the store has to look sensational all the time.
Upscale clientele. We aren’t cheap, we’re beautiful.

Flexibility. If necessary, we will agree to vacate the property on short notice should it be sold or leased long-term.

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