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A Floral Fashion Show: 6 Must-Have Perennials for 2022

By Kaw Valley Greenhouses, Inc.

Every floral fashionista needs these 6 must-have perennials in their garden in 2022!
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Every year, we eagerly await the colorful and exciting new style aesthetics and trends that emerge onto the scene. This spring and summer, it’s all about pom-poms, fluffy and voluminous statement pieces, color blocking, and sumptuous jewel tones. Oh, sorry—did you think we were talking about clothes? Allow us to clarify: we’re talking flower fashion, and our 2022 garden lookbook showcases these four must-have perennials you’ll absolutely adore!

Must-Have Perennials: Our 2022 Fashion Lookbook


These exquisite, cutting-edge perennials flaunt a fabulous floral look that would put Balenciaga to shame.  

Sedum 'Little Miss Sunshine'

Nothing has looked this ravishing in bright yellow since Michelle Williams donned a sunny golden Vera Wang gown to the 2006 Oscars. This 2022, we’re bringing that iconic look to the garden. Sedum ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ has flowers that are delicate and frilled, yet densely packed, creating fabulous texture, volume, and dimension. A bed of deep, glossy emerald foliage peeks out from underneath the golden glow of petals, adding drama and elegance to an otherwise youthful and effervescent color palette. 

Forming satisfyingly even mounds, this sleek-yet-spherical perennial is a must-have for filling in bare space in the garden, complementing the taller, flashier styles without competing for attention. It’s truly made for gleaming underneath the warm sunlight, with incredible heat tolerance and evergreen foliage that remains stunning all year. Pair this perennial with cool blue and purple flowers in 2022, for a high-impact color contrast that dazzles. 

kaw valley greenhouse variegated sdum.pngSedum 'Sunsparkler: Lime Twister'

Color blocking is a timeless fashion trend that brings to mind the Twiggy-esque fashion of the summer of ‘69! Over half a century later, and we’re still swooning over this retro trend—it feels as fresh as ever! Each tiny, plump leaf on this spectacular perennial Sedum variety has a lime green center with a soft daffodil yellow trim, remaining evergreen all year. As summer draws near to an end, it celebrates with a burst of bubblegum pink flower power. This technicolor dream is a favorite amongst butterflies and birds, creating an idyllic scenescape full of wildlife, energy, and exuberance. Plant this posh perennial in your garden, and you’ll be compelled to spin that “Best of the 1960’s” playlist all summer long.  




kaw valley achillea.jpgAchillea 'Peter Cottontail'

Pom-poms are taking over style blogs and runways in 2022, from headbands to earrings, plush sweaters, and skirt hems. We can’t get enough of these adorable accoutrements, and now you can bring them to your garden with Achillea ‘Peter Cottontail.’ Also known as Yarrow, this fashion-savvy perennial is like a flurry of snowy white pom-pom blossoms, perfectly juxtaposing a minimalist color palette with a whimsical aesthetic. 

Dark green, slender spikes of foliage bring a cool, edgy vibe, with singular pom-poms topping each stem, for a balanced shape and versatile look that pairs beautifully with all sorts of different shades and styles. Fanciful and dreamy, yet striking and full of attitude—this must-have perennial will make a fabulous filler for your spring/summer 2022 garden wardrobe. 



Eupatoruim 'Euphorbia Ruby'

Rose tint your summer in 2022 with this blushing purple-pink beauty that blooms from June until September, for a whole season of unstoppable color. Its tiny, bead-like flowers blossom in clusters like billowing plumes of pink clouds. This mesmerizing perennial brings romance and magic to the scenery, drawing in fluttering butterflies like a magnetic force. With a more neat and compact shape than its predecessors, this top Eupatorium for 2022 is less of a Lady Gaga and more of an Adele—polished, powerful, and ultra-vibrant without ever looking garish. 

Cool blue-green leaves bring on those rich jewel tones that are taking the design world by storm. Combined with its tufted, rose quartz blooms, this perennial is pure opulence. Notice the subtle scalloped edges throughout its foliage, and distinctive veins that bring a crinkle-effect, just like vintage taffeta silk.  


Though they may be hot on the fashion scene for this season, we have no doubt that these on-trend perennials will remain timeless and stylish for years to come—unlike the bell bottoms and sequined halter tops collecting dust in the back of your closet. 


Visit Kaw Valley Greenhouses to see the rest of our perennial flowers for 2022! Browsing through our pop-up stores never fails to spark inspiration and excitement for spring gardening. 




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