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Amazing Annual Flowers: Our 2022 Spring Collection

By Kaw Valley Greenhouses, Inc.

Want to try planting something new in 2022? Here are the star performers in our annual flower group!
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We love annual flowers for their vigorous growth, vibrant colors, and exciting new varieties released every year. You won’t believe how incredible our 2022 collection is! While annual flowers may only last from spring to fall, they allow us to experiment with cool new color palettes and interesting styles. We always recommend venturing outside of your comfort zone and trying something different—you never know when you might discover a new all-time favorite! 


The Stars of Our Spring 2022 Annual Flower Lineup


Annual flowers are a guaranteed way for your garden to grab people’s attention for all the right reasons. Plant some major eye candy in your containers and garden beds this spring with our top nine annual flowers for 2022!

kaw valley greenhouse chameleon atomic orange.pngCalibrachoa, Chameleon Atomic Orange

These multicolored beauties look like a watercolor sunset painting! With splashes of coral pink, orange, and gold, these calibrachoas have enough color and visual interest as a standalone plant for baskets and boxes. However, they look beautiful as a spiller plant for mixed arrangements, so if you really want some high-octane color contrast, plant them with tall, blue annual flowers, like salvia! 




Calibrachoa, Chameleon Blackberry Pie

Berry purple petals flaunt delicate, creamy marbling, and warm golden centers, for an ultra-vibrant annual flower that looks good enough to eat! One of the best things about calibrachoa is that it’s a self-cleaning plant, so you don’t need to deadhead the old flowers to encourage reblooming. These bad boys will keep producing flowers throughout spring and summer until temperatures cool down in mid-fall. 





Delosperma, Ocean Sunset Orange Glow

If you want annual flowers with some serious wow-factor, look no further than this new addition to our 2022 spring collection. With neon fuchsia petal tips that fade into tangerine with a sunny golden center, this delosperma is pure 1960s flower power. The Ocean Sunset collection has the most enormous blooms of all delosperma, making this annual a must-have for flower fanatics! 






Petunia, Headliner Enchanted Sky

Rich magenta petals are flecked with tiny white sparkles and a white center star, like a glimmering sky in a fantasy world. Add some magic to your garden with hanging baskets filled with these voluminous, trailing annual flowers, so you can enjoy a star-filled sky overhead, no matter what time of day!







Petunia, Itsy White


These teeny-tiny petunias are just too cute! While they may be small, these annual flowers burst into bloom, creating a fluffy cloud of pearly white petals. Their dense growth and spreading habit make them a fantastic filler plant for garden beds, so there won’t be any empty spaces for weeds to take root. 





Petunia, Crazytunia Blackberry Jam

It’s no surprise how these annual flowers earned their name—they look as though someone dropped a dollop of blackberry jam into the center of a white, flower-shaped bowl! Kick off spring with a splash of juicy purple color—you’ll love how those rich petals contrast against their emerald green foliage.  




Salvia, Sallyfun Pure White

Most salvia varieties are bright blue or red, so this all-white variety is a lovely alternative if you prefer more subtle, minimalist designs! With tall flower stalks that grow upright, salvia makes an excellent “thriller” plant to take center stage in mixed arrangements. Pair them up with mounded and trailing plants in delicate spring pastel tones for a soft and sweet look that’s perfectly serene. 






kaw valley greenhouse scaevola bombay yellow.pngScaevola, Bombay Yellow

This lesser-known annual deserves more love! Scaevola has fascinating fan-shaped flowers that almost look like a delosperma cut in half, but with a trailing habit and amazingly lush volume—perfect for baskets and boxes! Our Bombay yellow variety has butter-yellow petals that transition to creamy white near the tips. You’ll love their unique texture and unique appearance—scaevola is sure to be a conversation starter!





Vinca, Tattoo Blueberry


Deep indigo blooms emerge late spring along slender branches lush with glossy green leaves. If you look closely, the petals have a subtle airbrushed effect, with shadows of deep violet adding dimension and depth. These vincas are pure luxury—you’ll love the drama they bring to the scenery!


Visit Kaw Valley Greenhouses to see the rest of our annual flowers for 2022! Browsing through our pop-up stores never fails to spark inspiration and excitement for spring gardening.




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