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Italian Terracotta Urn Planter



Hand crafted in Impruneta, Italy, by master potter, Marco Mangani, these pieces are works of art on their own merit but make wonderful planters, too.


A great pot starts with great quality clay. Some places have great clay, others don’t. The clay makes all the difference in how durable the pot is and how well the glazes look and last. We choose our manufacturers based on their access to great clay. Then we choose our finishes for great color, design and durability.

No independent retailer in Kansas, Nebraska or Missouri sells more pottery than Kaw Valley. We buy from the best manufacturers in the world in extraordinary quantities. Thus we have the best selection at fantastic prices.

We choose the best new styles and colors every year. Look them over on our web site, but remember, the pictures don’t do the product justice. Come see for yourself!

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