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Rehires Garden Center Employee (Past employees)

Augusta, KS | 303 W 7th | Augusta - All positions currently filled, feel free to apply in case of an opening!


For those who have worked for us before, we do a need a rehire application completed to make sure we have the most up to date information, as well as re-checking qualifications such as schedule, physical abilities and location interest.


If interested in going from a cashier to a supervisor, you must complete the New Hire Supervisor application.


Please keep in mind the list of sites is not 100% confirmed, we are still in the process of obtaining contracts and city permits. 


It is very important that you are honest about your actual available working hours on the rehire application.  We try not to have set shifts to maintain flexibility in finding candidates, however our hiring choices are made around the schedule information provided.  Changing that availablity after being rehired may lead to reduced hours or termination.  While we want to be flexible, providing proper coverage for customer service, plant health and business efficiency comes first. 



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