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The Best Ground Cover Annuals

By Chris Edmunds

These annuals will quickly fill in gaps in your garden with beautiful blooms and gorgeous foliage.
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Often when people talk about groundcover plants, they focus on perennials. But groundcovers don't have to be perennial. There are so many annual options, from profuse colorful bloomers, to uniquely shaped rich green foliage. We've got so many choices at our garden centers, you'll be sure to find something to fill in gaps in your planters or flower beds.

Alyssum Snow Princess forms a beautiful mound smothered in tiny white blossoms. These fragrant flowers bloom all season long. They may take over if they're planted in pots, so be careful what you pair it with; it would need to go with something that also grows very vigorously.

Bidens are vigorous growers that are heat- and drought-tolerant. They thrive in full sun, but they can handle a bit of shade. Bidens produce pretty golden star-shaped flowers from spring until fall. They'll spread up to 30 inches wide, and grow to about 8-12 inches in height.

kaw-valley-ground-cover-annuals-silver-falls.jpgSilver Falls Dichondra has gorgeous fine-textured silvery leaves. Like Bidens, this groundcover is very heat- and drought-tolerant. Silver Falls is an incredibly romantic-looking trailing plant that will grow up to 4 feet long, making it perfect for window boxes, hanging baskets, or raised planters. You can count on this still thriving when you get back from vacation. It adds a lovely cool spectrum color accent to any setting.


Sweet Potato Vines are a unique ground cover option. We have 14 different varieties at our seasonal locations in varying shades of Greens, purples, reds, blacks, and even with variegated leaves. There are a few different leaf shapes available from sharp-angled leaves, to lovely heart-shaped ones. They cascade beautifully over the edges of pots, walls, or raised beds, spreading up to 48 inches wide. They grow quickly and will fill in gaps in planters or flower beds.

Petunias are one of the most popular annuals because they bloom all season long, come in endless color varieties, and they're super easy to care for. There are now many varieties that will spread and cover quite a lot of ground. These brilliant bloomers can spread out up to 20 inches across, and grow up to 15 inches tall. During the season, we carry over 25 varieties—including some with gorgeous double blossoms.

kaw-valley-ground-cover-annuals-stonecrop-sedum.jpgCorsican Stonecrop Sedum forms a beautiful low carpet of silvery-blue succulent leaves in rosettes. Once established, it only needs very occasional watering. It may spread up to 20 inches wide, only getting to about 4 inches tall.

Bacopa is a profuse bloomer, and an excellent spiller for large pots, planters, or for ground cover. It comes in varying shades of pink, purple, and white. It's happy in sun or shade, but you'll need to keep an eye on it to make sure it's getting enough water. Even when it's severely dried out, it may not wilt. It will spread up to 12 inches wide, and only reach a height of about 8 inches.

Verbena has a lovely cascading habit with clusters of blossoms with pretty heart-shaped petals. It blooms all season and does not require deadheading. Verbenas are also popular with butterflies. It is available in shades of purple and pink.

Vinca Vine is a trailing vine with pretty variegated leaves featuring green centers and white edges. It spreads quickly, growing up to 16 inches in a shady spot. Vinca vine is a gorgeous addition for pots and planters or in garden beds.

kaw-valley-ground-cover-annuals-english-ivy.jpgEnglish Ivy has classic green ivy-shaped leaves in rich, glossy green. It will spread up to 12 inches, and 8-12 inches tall. It's an excellent option for pots, as topiary, or even as an indoor houseplant.

If you're looking for some beautiful, easy to care for annual ground covers that will establish quickly, these ones will surely do the trick! Subscribe to our newsletter for more gardening trends and announcements from Kaw Valley Greenhouses.




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