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5 Garden Plants that Double as Houseplants

By Chris Edmunds

Wanting to bring the great outdoors in? These 5 plants can thrive in your garden or in your home.
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Versatile plants are some of our favorites! Choosing garden plants that can double as houseplants will let you bring some of the outdoors in, and vice versa. Whether you are hoping to transport plants between seasons or just curious what outdoor beauties could thrive indoors with you, read on to find out our top 5 picks for garden plants that double as houseplants.

kaw valley greenhouse garden plants as houseplants pink wax begonia.pngBegonia

Begonias are well-known for peppering home gardens with gorgeous blooms in an array of colors. Commonly seen in hues of oranges, reds, and pinks, begonias can brighten up your yard and light up any room. There are also different types of floral shapes including a waxy-variety or a heavenly angel wing version. If you’re bringing begonias inside your home, you’ll need to try to recreate their preferred natural climate. Keep them in bright, indirect light and with plenty of humidity. They are at risk of root rot, so only water them when necessary. If choosing to bring begonias inside, remember that they are poisonous to your cats and dogs. 


You can transplant geraniums inside during the cold months and be treated to beautiful blooms on the dark, cold days. If you’re bringing geraniums inside, it’s best to think ahead and plant them in pots so you don’t disturb the roots when you move them. Make sure to bring them in before the first frost hits, and prune them back a bit. Enjoy these blooms that come in a variety of colors all year long by keeping the plant in bright light and allow it to dry out between waterings. 

kaw valley greenhouse garden plants caladium in pot.pngCaladium

While a bit of a picky plant, caladiums are well worth the work when raising them indoors. They have unforgettable foliage with leaves of green, pink, white, and red. When kept outdoors, they go dormant at the first sign of frost. They are quite cold-phobic, so you’ll need to keep them nice and toasty in your cozy home. Keep it moist and in indirect light in order to thrive. If you’re unlucky, you may notice your caladium drooping and yellowing. When you see this, it’s a sign that the plant is going dormant despite your efforts, and the best thing to do in that case is to let it rest until spring. Keep it in a cool, dry space and repot it in the early spring, February, or March.

kaw valley greenhouse garden plants tropical hibiscus.pngTropical Hibiscus

Growing tropical hibiscus is a great way to bring an exotic vacation right to your very own plant stand. They are a bold choice for your outdoor space and can light up the inside of your home too. Hibiscus are highly adaptable and can live indoors even during winter if given plenty of direct light. They likely won’t grow very much during the winter, but they can thrive inside your home anytime. Choose one of many tropical shades like peach, purple, red, yellow, orange, or pink. Happy tropical hibiscus eventually need some pruning to keep them healthy, tamed, and beautiful. 

Calla Lily

Bringing peace and calm tranquility in homes and gardens alike, the calla lily is a fan favorite across the board. Calla lilies have some of the most unique and memorable flowers around. Outdoors, they usually bloom in the summer months but can bloom from spring to fall when cared for properly indoors. With just one bulb, you can grow many leaves and flowers. They are pretty low-maintenance but make sure they are placed in a spot that is a comfy temperature, around 60°F, with bright light, and provide plenty of water.

kaw valley greenhouse garden plants orange calla lily.pngIf you’re looking for plants that can grow indoors and outdoors, come visit us, we’d love to help you choose your next perfect dual-purpose plant!



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